Hip Hemp Cafe

Adam designed and painted a large 8x8’ sign for the new Hip Hemp Cafe on 7th street, right off of South Street in Philly. He also did smaller signage for the front of the shop.

hemp 3.JPG
hip hemp 2.JPG
hip hemp 1.JPG

Hip Hemp Cafe is located at 607 S. 7th Street in Philadelphia. It is the first hemp themed cafe in the city.


Adam created several designs for Woodrow’s sandwich shop on South Street in Philadelphia.

The first was a custom art piece that hangs over the main dining area of the restaurant. Adam transformed old skateboard decks into a really unique, stand-out piece covered in his signature abstract design style.

woodrows 1.jpg

Custom piece for the counter area. This piece stretches about 5 feet wide and has a depth of about 3 inches.

woodrows 2.jpg

When the back patio opened with additional seating, Adam designed a light and breezy backdrop that covers the whole back wall giving a laid back, Summer vibe to the area.

woodrows 4.jpg

Woodrow’s is located at 630 South Street in Philadelphia, and has some of the best sandwiches in the city!