Union Transfer

In May 2019, Adam designed and painted 2 large 20 foot archways at Union Transfer (one of best music venues in Philadelphia) alongside New York City street art legends, Lady Pink, Crash One, and Dazed World. This was a job via Mural Arts. The archways can be seen on the back side of Union Transfer on Nectarine Street.

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In May 2019, Adam lent his large 10x12’ piece from the Tiny Room for Elephants event for another pop-up event at the Primark store in King of Prussia Mall. Customers were able to pose in front of Adam’s painting to get their photos taken while shopping at Primark. This event was a series of weekly one-day events featuring popular artists from Philadelphia.

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Tattooed Mom

The first bike rack street mural on South Street (and possibly Philadelphia?) in front of the popular bar, Tattooed Mom. Adam designed and painted this mural earlier this year. The ends of the mural are adorned with bike themed sculptures by David Krevolin of Perry Felix Design.

Bike area is approx. 7’x19’.

Located on the 500 block of South Street in Philadelphia in front of Tattooed Mom.

Photo by  Streets Dept

Photo by Streets Dept

tattoed mom 2.JPG

Tiny Room for Elephants

Adam took part in the annual Tiny Room for Elephants pop-up event at Cherry Street Pier in Philadelphia this year. He designed and executed a 12x10” mural-like installation that was displayed alongside many other talented street, graffiti, and contemporary artists. The artists were given a week to work on their piece for the event, and then the public was invited to experience the artwork along with music, food, fashion, and more for 3 days in April.

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20th Street Pizza

Pizza themed mural designed and executed by Adam Crawford. This mural is on the side of 20th Street Pizza, the new vegan restaurant from the creator of Philly favorite, Blackbird Pizza.

Mural was completed in early 2019 and is about 11’x20’.

Location of mural is 108 South 20th Street in Center City, Philadelphia.

Photo by  Streets Dept

Photo by Streets Dept

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